Elijah Graham of Madison County, Missouri

My great-great-grandfather Elijah Graham was born about 1815-1817 (sources differ) in Green County, Kentucky.   He was a son of William S. and Sarah Ann (Skaggs) Graham.   His marriage record gives his father’s name as William Graham, and the 1860 census shows him on the same census page as the William Graham who married Sarah Skaggs.

Elijah Graham married my great-great-grandmother Catharine Bess in Madison County, Missouri.   The Madison County marriage record refers to him as Elijah Graham, son of William Graham, and says that he married Catharine Bess, daughter of John Bess, on 11 Mar 1841.   Catharine (also known as Catherine, Katharine, or Katie) was born around 1820-1825 in Madison County.   She was a daughter of John and Catharine (Slinkard) Bess.

Elijah Graham appears in the 1850 census in Madison County as a farmer.   He appears in the 1860 census as a farmer in Twelve Mile Township in Madison County, where he is listed on the same page as his father.   Elijah is also listed as a farmer in the same township in the 1870 census.

The 1876 state agricultural census shows Elijah Graham as living in Madison County, Missouri in Township 31, Range 6 East.   This would be Twelve Mile Township.   Living in the same household were listed his wife, who appears as Catherine, son Emanuel, listed as “E.M.,” and Emanuel’s wife-to-be, Mary M. Victoria Golden, listed as “Mary M.V. Golden.”   No explanation is provided as to why she was living in the same household.   Her father had died by this time, but her mother was still living in Dent County.   According to the 1876 state census, Elijah Graham owned the following;

3 horses

7 cattle

12 sheep

30 hogs

55 bushels wheat

400 bushels corn

50 bushels oats

30 lbs. wool

2 tons hay

Elijah Graham died in or around 1879.   His widow Catharine (Bess) Graham appears in the 1880 census in Twelve Mile Township, Madison County, Missouri, living in the household of her son Henry.   Catharine died sometime after that census, which is dated 8 Jun 1880, was taken, and is said to be buried near Saco, Madison County.


1. John B. Graham

He was born in 1842 or 1843 in Madison County, Missouri.   He appears in the 1880 census in Twelve Mile Township as a farmer.   He married Cynthia E. Stubbs, who was born about 1845 in Missouri according to the 1870 census. Their children included William E., born about 1862-1864, James S., born about 1863-1866, Sarah Ann, born Aug 1867, and Malinda C., born 1869 (age 8 months in the census taken 19 Jul 1870).   Sarah Ann married John Dudley East.   The 1880 census shows John B. Graham’s wife as America S., surname unknown, born about 1850 in Missouri.   Presumably America was not another middle name for Cynthia, but John had remarried.   That census lists an additional child, John, born about 1878.

2. Catharine Graham

She was born in 1845 or 1846 in Madison County, Missouri.

3. William B. Graham

He was born about 1848 in Madison County, Missouri.

4. Henry B. Graham

He was born 8 May 1851 in Madison County, Missouri.   On 7 Dec 1879 Henry B. Graham married Amanda Elizabeth McBay.   She was born 22 Mar 1860 near Fredericktown, Madison County.   Her parents were born in Tennessee.   Her father was Philip McBay, who was born in Nashville, and her mother’s surname was Walker.   Amanda died of chronic gastritis 7 Mar 1923 in Twelve Mile Township.   She was buried 8 Mar 1923 in Madison County in Whitener Cemetery.

Henry B. Graham appears in the 1880 census in Twelve Mile Township with his mother living in the same household.   In the 1920 census he was living as a farmer on Saco Road in Twelve Mile Township, and his surname is listed as “Grayham.”   Henry B. Graham died of mitral insufficiency 29 Aug 1927 in Twelve Mile Township and was buried in Whitener Cemetery on the 30th.   His death certificate refers to his occupation as that of a farmer.

Henry B. and Amanda (McBay) Graham were the parents of Virgle, born about 1893, Christie, born about 1898, and Bessie, born about 1901.

5. Emanuel M. Graham

He was my great-grandfather.   See the separate posting on Emanuel M. Graham and family.


2 responses to “Elijah Graham of Madison County, Missouri

  1. I am looking for twelve mile Baptist church members of 1895& 1896.I am looking for John H. Settle and Elizabeth Berry Settle.Calvin Graham married them 1884.I am looking for any information.The Graham family,Whitener family,Settle family,and Berry family are my relatives.

  2. My name is Tisha Bierman, my maiden name is East. I am a decendant of John dudley East. I was excited to see this information about my family which matched with the family history, that I have. I also know that the surname of America S. is Cox and I have quite a bit of records for her side. I would be interested in contacting you and sharing information.

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