Henry Skaggs (1759-1851) of South Carolina, Virginia, and Kentucky

  • Born Spring 1759 South Carolina
  • Parents unknown, but conflicting claims have been made
  • Resided on Little River, branch of New River, in Botetourt County, Virginia (later became Montgomery County, Virginia)
  • Served in Revolutionary War
  • Said to have died 1851, Grayson County, Kentucky

A typed letter to a researcher that was added to the Revolutionary Pension application file of Henry Skaggs (file S.50701) contained the following excerpt:

Henry Skaggs was born in the spring of 1759 in South Carolina. The exact date and location of birth and names of his parents are not shown.

While residing on Little River, aa branch of New River, in that part of Botetourt which was later Montgomery County, Virginia, he enlisted in 1779 and served one month as private in Captain John Taylor’s company, Colonel Preston’s Virginia regiment engaged in building and guarding a fort at “Culberson’s Bottom” on New River. He enlisted again in 1779, served six months as private in Captain James Thompson’s company, Colonel Preston’s Virginia regiment[,] and was in General McIntosh’s Indian Expedition. He enlisted in the summer of 1780 and served two months as Indian spy in Captain Henry Patton’s company, Colonel Preston’s Virginia regiment. He subsequently served fifteen days in Captain Trigg’s company under Colonel Preston.

After the war, Henry Skaggs moved to Kentucky where he remained several months, then moved back to New River, lived there some time and about 1790 [moved] to Kentucky and settled on Russell’s Creek in Green County where he lived until 1809[,] thence to Grayson County, same state [Kentucky].

The soldier was allowed pension on his application executed September 24, 1832, while a resident of Grayson County, Kentucky.

No reference was made in the claim to wife or children.

In 1832, one Archibald Skaggs, age not given, was living in Adair County, Kentucky, and stated that he served three tours in the Revolutionary War with the soldier, Henry Skaggs, but did not state any relationship to him. [Handwritten notation: “Cousin. See his claim?”]


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