Isaac Fancher and family

Isaac Fancher lived from 1788 to 1840. He married Anne Tully. Both Cumberland Co., KY and Overton Co., TN have both been claimed as locations for their marriage.

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Isaac Fancher was born in Stokes Co., NC.

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He was married 17 May 1809 in Cumberland Co., KY or Overton Co., TN to Anne Tully. She appears to have been born in the 1780s and to have died before 15 Oct 1851, probably in Clay Co., IL.

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War of 1812 service

He was perhaps the Isaac Fancher listed in a printed index to War of 1812 pensioners as follows: “War of 1812 Pensioners” as follows: “Fancher, Isaac, Old War IF-#20358, srv Capt Allen’s Co 7th Regt US Inf, bdl 37 can 63..”

Battle of New Orleans

Isaac Fancher served in the Battle of New Orleans, which was the last major battle of the War of 1812 although fought in 1815. He received a wound to the hand, and the ball was never removed. He was listed in the invalid pensioner list in 1818.

Will Bagley, in Blood of the Prophets: Brigham Young and the Massacre at Mountain Meadows points out (p. 56) that Isaac’s son Alexander was age 3 when Isaac Fancher was wounded in this battle.

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Presumed move to Illinois

He is believed to have moved to IL around this time, although 1827 is likely to be more accurate.

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Arrival in Coles Co., Illinois

Isaac Fancher arrived in Pleasant Grove Twp., Coles Co., IL with Gray Bynum Fancher and a Richard Fancher in 1827. Isaac is said to have been the first settler at Muddy Point Settlement (later Pleasant Grove) in Coles Co.

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1830 census

He appears to be the Isaac Fancher listed in the 1830 census in Clark Co., IL.

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Black Hawk War service

Isaac Fancher served in the Black Hawk War. He is listed as 4th Sgt. on a muster roll for Capt. Samuel Houston’s Company (originally Capt. William L.D. Ewing’s Company), Spy Battalion of the 3rd Brigade of Illinois Mounted Volunteers. He is listed as being from Fayette Co., IL, with the notation that he “Lost his horse on the 7th of august.”

Three lines down is listed “Alexander Francher,” 3rd Corporal, who also “Lost his horse on the 7th of august.” (Source: Ellen M. Whitney, ed., THE BLACK HAWK WAR 1831-1832, Vol. 1, Springfield: IL State Historical Library, 1970, p. 420.) Most researchers believe Alexander was Isaac’s son, but is this correct? Isaac had a brother Alexander, and bounty land was issued to the Alexander who served in the Black Hawk War AFTER Isaac’s son Alexander was killed in the Mountain Meadows Massacre.

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Land patent

16 Oct 1835, Coles Co., IL land patent.

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Land patent

1 Nov 1839, Coles Co., IL land patent.

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1840 census

1840 census, Clay Co., IL.


2 responses to “Isaac Fancher and family

  1. stanley Fancher

    I am looking for any relatives of Onita Fancher Hawkins the sister of Alpha Omega Fancher( my father). I live in Grandview Texas just north of Whitney Texas. Both were born in the town of Bomerton, Baylor County, Texas

  2. Alexander R Fancher was my great grandfather and was the second person to be married in McLellan county Texas in 1850. I have seen the signature of both of the persons and was the first tax assessor of Hill county Texas. he moved to Baylor county Texas and had four sons which one was my grandfather. The ranch he owned was still in operation as of 1990. He recieved a league and equivalent to a half section for the services he filled while a Confederate Lt during the Civl War. The court house in McLellan county Texas was displaying the book showing the historical reference to who was married and gave a date of Nov 27, 1850. I have seen the pictures of my great grandparents in the history of Baylor County. His ranch was located in the town of Bomarton Texas just south of Seymore Texas.

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