Eastern Cherokee Application: Stamper, Sizemore

The Eastern Cherokee Application of Gilmore H. Stamper was signed on 22 Nov 1906, and received at the Indian Office of the Eastern Cherokees on 5 Jan 1907. He gave his residence as RFD (Rural Free Delivery) 2, Lodi, Smyth County, Virginia. He said that he was born in North Carolina in 1878.

He submitted his application, as he put it, “By Cherokee Indian Blood through my father Mack Stamper.” He said that he was married to R. E. Stamper, born 1883.

He gave the names of his grandparents as Wiley H. Stamper (born North Carolina), on his father’s side, born 1878, and as Eliza Stamper (born Virginia) on his mother’s side. (Perhaps he misunderstood the question.) He said that “they” were living in Virginia and 1851, and “they” had the following children:
Malinda E. Stamper
Mack Stamper
John L. Stamper
Minta R. Stamper
Wiley L. Stamper

The application provides the following additional genealogical details:

His father, Mack Stamper, born Virginia, married Kizza Joins, born North Carolina. They had the following children:

Gilmore H. Stamper, born 1878
Nar(?) Etta Stamper, born 1878
Allie Stamper, born 1880

Gilmore H. Stamper stated that his ancestry back to 1835 was as follows: “Gilmore H Stamper son of Mack Stamper son of Wiley H Stamper son of George Stamper son of Elizabeth Stamper whose maiden name was Elizabeth Sizemore who was a daughter of Ned Sizemore who was a full Blood Cherokee Indian.”


One response to “Eastern Cherokee Application: Stamper, Sizemore

  1. my Great-great-great-Great- Grandfather Jessie Toliver married Francis ( Franky)Stamper . there son John married Annie Long and there son Tobias marrid Margret Jane Stevens and there Daughter married Andrew Jackson Barnhart and there son is my father Pearley Barnhart.

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