Ashe County, North Carolina 1835 Land-Related Civil Action

(Typed as originally handwritten:)

State of north Carolina
Ashe County

we the under Signed being Summoned as Jurors to and Sworn to View and Condem three thousand acres of land in Said County for Daniel Daugherty and others as County land for the Iron works built on crambury [(probably Cranberry intended)] creek as per act of Assembly in Such case made and provided we have condemned for the Benefit of the [forge?] to Daniel Daughterty and others all the Vacant land in the following Pr[?]s with the Exceptions of 2011 acres lying Between Washington Longs and L [woodes?] on the waters of the [South?] fork of crambry 50 acres by Joinery [known?] Stampers line on the East Side 50 acres Joining John Longs line on piney fork of Crambery 5 acres by Line between Wm. Stampers line and Joab Stampers on the piney fork of Crambry 10 [(something crossed out)] on the [Rich?] Land [Mounton?] Lorrell [(probably Laurel intended)] fork Crambry [with?] 100 acres on the waters of crambry Joining Lynthe Gambills Lands 50 acres on [Mortens?] Ridge on the waters of the Lorrell fork 50 acres on [Ratters?] Ridge Joining Robt A[tins?] lands 100 acres on the [Priar?] Ridge, Joining Andrew A[r?]tins 30 acres on the mouth of the Burnt Hill Branch 100 acres on the burnt Hill 50 acres Joining Hiram Stampers north East End of his land 50 acres Joining [Id.?] Richardsons land 5 acres on the west End of Hiram Sizemores land on the piney fork 75 acres Joining David Osborns land on the waters of the piney branch 25 acres on the west End of Leander Johnson 30 acres on the north Side of peach Bottom Mount[en?] 50 acres Joining John Stampers old Track together with all Ent[ries?] now [Standing?] Ex[em?]pted the balance of the Vacant land Condemed to the above named use within the folowing boundre [(back side of paper:)] to Begin at the wagon ford near the mouth of Crambury new River and from there to the Cross Road near Danl Jones then to the [creek?] near Hugh [Lasso?]ns then to the top of the Blue Ridge Mount[on?] the [sic; (then intended?)] with the Mount[on?] to Shutses field then to the River near Mary Reves then with the River to the Begining

Given under under [sic] our hands and Seals this 21th [sic] day of August 1835
James M[cMillan?] (seal)
Z.H. G[oss?] (seal)
George Re[v?]es (seal)
Washington Long (seal)
Jonathan Stamper (seal)
Hiram Sizemore (seal)
Hiram Stamper (seal)
[?] Cox (seal)
Joshua Long (seal)
William Stamper (seal)
Z[?]e Osborn (seal)
A[?] Austin (seal)


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