Ashe County, North Carolina 1840 Petition for Sale of Land

The following is copied verbatim from a civil action record dated 1840, Ashe County, North Carolina:

“State of North Carolina
Ashe County
In Equity Spring Term 1840

“Robt. Baker & his wife Jan [sic] & John Reves Guard. [i.e., guardian]

“Petition for the Sale of Land

“This cause refered to the clerk & Master to report on the truth of the allegations contained [in] petition

“To the Honr. [i.e., honorable] court of Equity for Ashe County this cause having been refered to the undersigned for his report, on the truth of the allegations contained in the petition[;] he Report [sic] and Says that upon the evidence of John Reves & Solomon Stamper he finds & [?] reports the Said allegation [?] Apl. 3rd 1840
[signed][ Geo Bower C.M.C. [Clerk & Master of Court?]

“this cause coming to be heard on the petition proof & the report of the clerk & Master it is adjudged & decreed that John Reves make Sale of the Said Lands on the promises, that a credit of one year be allowed the purchaser, that bond & Sufficient Security be taken for the purchase money & that public notice of the Sale be given for Six weekes [sic]; by advertisement in three public places previous to the Sale – that Said John Reves execute deed [or deeds?] & make title for the Said Land the purchaser [sic], when the whole of the purchase money Shall have been paid

“I George Bower Clerk & Master of our Said court certify that the above is a trew [sic] coppy [sic] of the proseadings, [sic] & the order & decree of the court, in this cause given under My hand at office this 8th day of Apriel [sic] 1840
[signed] Geo Bower C.M.C.”


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