William Reves, 1822 Civil Action, Ashe County, North Carolina

Copied verbatim, with original spelling and capitalization (or lack of it):

State of North Carolina
To the sheriff of Ashe County Greeting
Sum[? (abbreviation for Summons?)]
John Williams & Allen Burton personally to appear at Ashe Court House on the third monday of march next to give evidence in behalf of William Reves in a suit in said court – Wherein Zach. Landreth is plaintiff and William Reves is defendant. This you shall in no wise omit under the penalty by Law enjoined
Issued 20th Feby. 1822
David Earnest Clk [Clerk]
by A.B. McMillan [DC?]


2 responses to “William Reves, 1822 Civil Action, Ashe County, North Carolina

  1. The JOHN WILLIAMS I am (85 %) certain is my GREATGreat Grandfather lived in ASHE/Allegheny for his whole life.====Sum[? (abbreviation for Summons?)]
    John Williams & Allen Burton personally to appear at Ashe Court House

  2. The 1822 summons appears to be part of the same suit that began circa 1813. There are numerous documents in the Ashe County Civil Action Court files regarding this case although there is no clear explanation of the events that precipitated the court case. From various documents, John Landreth states that he has been accused of perjury by William Reves although there is no exact explanation of the nature of the accusation. It would appear from the following document that the entire extended Reeves’ family became involved in a fracas which resulted in the issuance of this summons.

    Complaint against Reves et al
    Ashe County, North Carolina
    15 April 1816

    North Carolina } To any lawfull officer
    Ashe County } to Execute and return according to law
    Whereas Complaint and Information is this day made unto me by the oath of John Landreth that on the 13th day of Aprile instant, John Reves Junior, Constable, George Reves, Ann Reves wife of William Reves, John Reves, Senr, Alexander Cox, Jesse Phips, Andrew Cox, and George Phips & Joseph Phips in a tumultuously manner made an affray wherein the person of the said John Landreth was beaten and abused by them without any lawfull provocation – you are therefore commanded to take the bodies of the said John Reves George Reves Ann Reves John Reves Senr Alexr Cox Jesse Phips Andrew Cox and George Phips and Joseph Phips and Bring them before one or some other Justice of the peace for said county to answer the above complaint and be further Delt with as the law Directs – Herein fail not. given under my hand and Seal the 15th day of April, 1816
    Jno. McMillan JP (Seal)

    Sums for Pltf
    Zachariah Landreth Jacob Toliver and
    David Maxwell Wm Toliver –
    William Maxwell Gerymiah Spurlen (?)
    James Maxwell
    Lucey Maxwell
    Charles Tolliver Senr.
    John Tolliver, Son of Jesse
    Allen Edwards
    George Tolliver – Son of John
    John Dudgless
    Peter Scott
    Ann burton
    John Burton
    James Toliver
    John Maxwell
    Rechird Gentry
    Absalum Kender (?)
    Robirt White
    David Toliver

    Reverse side of Document –
    Dismist at the plaintiffs Costs as to George Phips
    Posponed as to Jesse Phips until the September Court on the 3rd Monday of Septr 1816
    Jno McMillan JP

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