Fancher Family in Effingham County, Illinois

The following story might remind one of a recent post connecting a Fancher (J.A.P. Fancher) with beekeeping. This excerpt is from William Henry Perrin, ed., History of Effingham County, Illinois, Chicago: O.L. Baskin & Co., 1883, p. 16:

Fifty-seven years ago, 1825, Mr. Scott [referring to Dr. John O. Scott], in company with a man named Elliott, and his wife, traveled through this county on their way, moving from Wayne to Shelby County. They camped near Blue Point. In passing the timber at the head of Brockett’s Creek, a smoke was seen curling up from a camp fire, a clearing, or a wooden chimney. Mr. Elliott, who had made the trip through here before, told him that it was smoke from the cabin or clearing of a man’s place named Fancher. This was Isaac Fancher. That Fancher was here then is strongly corroborated by the oft-repeated sstatements of Ben. Campbell to his step-son, Thomas Andrews, that when he (Campbell) came here in 1826 he found the Fancher family here; that he stopped with them for several weeks, and they put in their time hunting bee-trees, of which they found a great many. . . . “

Another reference to the Fanchers appears on p. 41:

The first deed recorded in the county bears date February 27, 1833, Isaac Fancher and Amy Fancher, his wife (her mark), to T. J. Gillenwaters, consideration $500, and conveys by quit claim east half of northwest quarter of Section 36, Township 8 north, Range 5 east. The officer vouches that he ‘examined the wife separtely [sic],’ etc.

Page 70 notes that in 1833, “T. W. Short, Isaac Fancher and William J. Hankins were the first elected County Commissioners’ Court; . . . .

According to page 37,

Theophilus W. Short, Isaac Fancher and William J. Hankins were elected the first County Commissioners, and they proceeded to organize the County Commissioners’ Court in Ewington on the 21st day of January, 1833 . . . .

Isaac Fancher and Alexander Fancher are listed on p. 54 among those who served during the Black Hawk War.

Page 213 bears the following:

The first settlement in what now forms Jackson Township was made by Isaac Fancher in 1825, and is one of the earliest settlements in the county. His brother, Byron Fancher [this should be Bynum], settled a year or two later. They were from Tennessee, and Isaac settled on the place where Judge Gillenwaters afterward lived. Byron [sic] was in the Black Hawk war, and was a good and upright man. He afterward sold and moved to Texas. Isaac died in the township many years ago.

Finally, a brief mention on p. 112 refers to Ardelia B. Russel, daughter of John C. Russel and his wife Lydia A. Boyer. Russel and Boyer married 17 Mar 1859. Daughter Ardelia’s birth date is not given, but the book states that he married E. Fancher of Chapman, Kansas. Chapman, Kansas is located in Dickinson County.

This E. Fancher and his wife Ardelia show up in the 1900 census in Chapman Dickinson County, Kansas. For obvious reasons the birthplaces cannot be relied on, but that is not uncommon for census listings.

1900 Census, Chapman, Noble Township, Dickinson County, Kansas, 27 Jun 1900, SD 5, ED 37, 224/226:

  • Erwin Fancher, head, WM, b. Aug 1858, 41, m. 15 yrs., b. IL, his father b. OH, his mother b. PA, jeweler, owned home free from mortgage
  • Delia Fancher, wife, WF, b. Feb. 1865, 35, m. 15 yrs., mother of 0 children, b. IL, her father b. OH, his mother b. PA

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