James and Isaac Fancher in the Revolutionary War

Pension files discuss the Revolutionary War service of both James and Isaac Fancher. Notes from those files are below.

James Fancher

James Fancher was born 19 Sep 1763 in Sussex County, New Jersey, according to his own testimony. When he entered military service in 1789, he was living in Jefferson County, East Tennessee. He moved from there to Overton County, Tennessee. He lived in Overton County for about 38 years, except for about a year when he lived in Morgan County, Illinois.

A certain Arthur Hagin testified in court in Overton County, Tennessee on 10 Nov 1834 that he enlisted James “Francher” into military service on 25 Dec 1778 while “Francher” was “a citizen of Bartlett County Virginia.”

Then, on 28 Sep 1835, William Bowen testified in court in Overton County that James Fancher enlisted in 1778 under Capt. David Waggoner of Bartley (not Bartlett) County, Virginia. On the same day, Richard Shaddick testified that James Fancher enlisted in 1778 under Capt. David Waggoner of Bartley County, Virginia.

When James Fancher appeared in court in Overton County, Tennessee in February 1838, he was residing in Overton County. When he appeared before justices of the peace on 6 Jun 1842, he was still living in Overton County but unable to attend court.

At that time, he said he enlisted on 25 Dec in what he believed was 1778 under Capt. Waggoner, then under Capt. William Morgan, then under Capt. Thomas Bowyer. At the end of his service, he “returned home to Bartley County State of Virginia where his Father lived.”

He also mentioned, apparently later, serving only to then “return to Henry County Virginia and from thence to Rockbridge County vergia [sic] from thence to the state of Tennessee to Jeferson [sic] County thence to Overton County where has remained for forty years.”

Isaac Fancher

Isaac Fancher was born about 1760, according to the ages given in testimony in his Revolutionary War pension file. He testified that he enlisted in 1776 and then reenlisted in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. When he appeared in court on 18 Sep 1819, he was living in Fayette County, Ohio. He was living in the same place when he testified on 2 Mar 1821.

He said that he served in Capt. Thomas Boyer’s company (note that James had cited Thomas Bowyer’s company). He enlisted, according to his testimony, in Bartley County, Virginia, the same place that was cited in connection with James Fancher’s service.

Bartley County

Some Fancher sources refer to Bartley County as though anyone should know where it is. There is no such county, and evidently never was.

Various sources dealing with subjects other than the Fancher family, however, make such comments as “Bartley County (sic, probably Berkeley County), Virginia” and “Barkley (sic, Berkeley) County, Virginia” and “the county of Bartley (Berkeley).”

If these sorts of off-hand comments can be relied on, then the county that is being referred to is Berkeley County, which today is in West Virginia, not Virginia. Berkeley County was created in 1772 from part of Frederick County, Virginia as well areas that today are Jefferson and Morgan Counties in West Virginia.


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