H.H. Fancher of Baylor County, Texas, 1893

A certain H. H. Fancher, presumably Henry H. Fancher, is discussed in the case of Jim Mask v. The State, Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Dallas, TX, decided 16 Feb 1895. The following is from John P. White, The Texas Criminal Reports: Cases Argued and Adjudged in the Court of Criminal Appeals of the State of Texas, Vol. 34, published by the State of Texas, 1896, pp. 136-141:

” . . . A. L. Chesher, for the State, testified, that he had lived in Baylor County for the past thirteen years, and had been in the cattle business all his life until seven or eight years ago; since then he had been farming. In August, 1893, he was on the Brazos River west of the town of Seymour [in Baylor County], and saw two cows and their calves, one brown cow with a motley-faced dunnish brown bull calf, cow branded K on left hip, left thigh, and left flank, and marked a crop and split the left and underhack the right. The other cow was red and white spotted, branded O on right hip, 66 right side and marked under and over crop the left and under crop the right, and her calf was a reddish brindle heifer, with some white on it. He knew they belonged to L. F. Wilson by the brands and marks, and that they ranged there where he saw them, on a section of land. The calves were sucking calves, and unmarked and unbranded. He saw them there all along up to about Christmas, 1893, when he, with H. H. Fancher and Hoggard and Hancock, rounded them up. Fancher suggested that they brand the calves in the brands of their mother cows, when the witness said no; that he wanted them for bait to catch some cow thieves in the Wichita brakes. . . . All this was in Baylor County, Texas.

” . . . H. H. Fancher testified to seeing the cows and calves west of Seymour, on the Brazos, at the time referred to by witness Chesher, and substantially agreed with Chesher as to what was said at that time.”


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