John Reeves and Levi Mitchell: An 1819 Ashe Co., NC Fight

From Ashe County, North Carolina civil action papers (loose papers), 1819:

“Pursuant to an order of the Superior court of this county, we William Connelly and William Edwards two of the Justices for the County of Ash proceeded to take the Depository of Levi Mitchell and Isaac Mitchell to be read by consent as evidence in certain indictments now pending in said Court who after being duly Sworn upon the holy Evangelist of almighty God deposeth and Sayeth as follows, To wit first Levi Mitchell States upon oath That Some time in the month of February last he was at or near the Store house of one David Maxfield attending to his lawfull business as a peacable Citizen, That after being there some time John Reeves came to where he was sitting by a fire and pushd. [i.e. pushed] him and afterwards Struck him he Say nothing further

“[unclear – looks like Isan] Mitchell States also upon oath that on or about the tenth of February last at the Store house mentioned by the other witness he was present and Saw John Reeves and Several other persons following him come into the house Where Levi Mitchell was Sitting warming himself John Reeves went to Levi Mitchell and took him by the Shoulder and pushd. him, first one way and then the other way, that after a Short time, some of the company askd. [i.e. asked] Levi Mitchell out on the floor to dance, then the Witness Spoke to Levi Mitchell and told him they had better go home, that after Some other Conversation John Reeves Collared Mitchell and Struck him Several licks before [page break] Levi Mitchell offered to defend himself. That after they were parted in the house, and went out of the house, John Reaves took up a Stone as he believes and threw it at Mitchell with great force. That Mitchell’s finger was middling badly hit and that he was considerably beaten about the head, the Witness further States That he saw Andrew Cox have hold of Levi Mitchell by the shoulder but he did not Know whether it was to part them or not – That Allen Burton was present in the time of the fight and hallowd. [i.e. hallowed, or hollered] welldone for Reeves as he believes but cannot distinctly recollect. The witness further states that Andrew Cox Allen Burton william Burton Harden Burton and William Burton were all present at the fight, and he believes that the above named persons came into the house with John Reeves when he first made the attack upon Levi Mitchell and further this deponent Sayeth not.
[signed] Isaac Mitchell
Sworn to and Subscribed before us, this 17th day of September 1819
Wm Connely JP
Wm. Edwards JP”


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