Preston B. Reeves, 1862 Alleghany County, North Carolina Estate File

Excerpts from Preston B. Reeves Estate File, 1862, Alleghany County, North Carolina

(Note: This file consists of 73 images, all of which are accessible via Family Search.)

Administrators’ bond, 24 Apr 1866, Alleghany County, North Carolina, Geo. M. Reves, Richd. Bouvin (or Bourin?, later referred to as Richmond; is this a mistake, since there was a Richmond Reeves in the family? Another document, however, refers to Richmond Biven or Biren or Boren and George McReves or George M Reves as administrators of the estate), Enoch Reves, Calvin Reves bound to State of North Carolina for $2,000. Mentions Geo. M. Reves and Richmond Bouvin (or Bourin?) as administrators of the estate of Preston Reves, deceased. (Note: Once, the name “Geo. M. Reves” looks like it’s probably actually Geo. Mc Reves. In a subsequent document, it appears more clearly to be G. Mc. Reaves.)

“North Carolina
Alleghany County
In the Superior Court
James Boyer, guardian of Richmond Reeves and Mary A. Reeves
Ex Parte
To Richmond Reeves Esq
You are hereby notified that I shall move in the above-entitled case before the Clerk of the Superior Court in his office in Sparta Alleghany County North Carolina on the 10th day of Feb 1890 to have a Commissioner appointed to make me a title to the lands sold by James Boyer, your guardian in the above entitled proceedings being the land I now live on in said County and which formerly belonged to Preston Reeves The land being bid off by Geo Mc Reeves who assigned his bid to me –
This Jan 18, 1890 [signed] J. M. Gambill”


I hereby accept the legal service of this notice
This Jan 27, 1890
sign here
[signed] R.B. Reeves”

“North Carolina
Alleghany County
In Sup Court
Mary Ann Reves & James Boyer Guardian of Richmond Reves Ex partee
To the Superior Court of said County
The petition of Mary Ann Reves & James Boyer, Guardian of Richmond Reves respectfully showeth
1st That Preston B Reves Late of the said County died intestate in the year 186[blank] Leaving heirs Surviving ptetioner [sic] Mary A. his widow & Richmond Reves the ward of petitioner James Boyer his only child and heir at Law
IId That at the time of his death the said Preston B Reves was seized and possessed of the tract of Land in said County on the waters of Rock [(Note: This was Rock Creek, although Creek is not stated)] Containing about two hundred acres adjoining the Lands of John S. Smith Alexander Hampton the heirs of Jesse A Reves & [unclear, 3 or 4 letter word]
IIId That since the death of the said [page break] Preston B. the Land has been [word looks like “annally”] [word looks like “sention”] for the benefit of the said Richmond and petitioners [fines?] that it will be for the interest of the said Richmond to have the Land sold and the proceeds thereof put at interest for the benefit of the said Richmond.
IV That petitioner Mary A Joins in this petition for the purpose of thereby relinquishing all right to dower she may have in the Land herein described as the widow of the said Preston B Reves
V That petitioner James Boyer has been duly apointed and qualified as the Guardi[ne?] of the said Richmond Reves
Petitioner therefore prays [or pays?]
1st That a decree may be made directing the Lands discribed in the foregoing petition to be sold for the benefit of the said Richmond Reves & for all such other orders to be made as to the court may seem Just
Vaughan for Petitioners”

“North Carolina
Alleghany County
In the Superior Court Before the Clerk
James Boyer, guardian of Richmond Reeves and Mary Ann Reeves
Ex parte
To the Hon. superior Court of said County:
The undersigned would respectfully show that in the above-entitled proceeding, and in obedience to a decree of the Court the lands described in the petition: to wit a certain tract lying on the waters of Rock Creek in said County, Containing about 267 acres and bounded by the lands of John L. Smith, Alexander Hampton Greggs Hampton, [T.?] J. Carson Gaston Reeves and W. E. Hardin and Jane Hawthorn, were sold on or about the 18th of Sept 1874 by James Boyer Commissioner
That Preston B Reeves had died seized and possessed of said lands and left him Guardian, Richmind B Reeves as his only [page break] child and heir at law. And that the said James Boyer qualified as the Guardian of the said child. And that the said Guardian and Mary Ann Reeves (who joined in the petition for the purpose of relinquishing her dower) filed a petition in said Court for the sale of said land for the benefit of the ward of the said James & child and said Mary Ann and the order aforesaid was duly made and at such sale Geo Mc Reeves became the purchaser at the price of Fourteen Hundred and Sixty-five dollars ($1465) which sale was duly reported to the Court and confirmed on Oct. 24, 1874 and the Commissioner aforesaid ordered to collect the purchase price and make title. For which order see Book of Orders and Decrees page 84
That your petitioner subsequently purchased the land of the said Geo Mc Reeves and was by the terms of the purchase to become [page break] paymaster for the land to the said Boyer guardian and Commissioner. That the said Geo Mc Reeves duly assigned his bid to your petitioner and directed title to be make [sic] to the petitioner for said lands. [(The following was crossed out:) Which assignment has been proven and ad[?]ted to record in the Registers office of said County – See book [blank] page [blank].)
That your petitioner has paid off and discharged the bond executed as the purchase price of said land deed now holds the same in his possession
That James Boyer guardian of R. B. Reeves is dead but in his life time as your petitioner is informed made a final settlement with his said [word?] on his arrival at his majority and took his acquittance in full of all claims of said R. B. Reeves against him as Guardian
That your petitioner has never had a title made him for said [page break] land although several years ago he made the last payment [word looks like “acre” or “dere” or something similar] thereon
That he has told both the said Mary Ann Reeves and R. B. Reeves that no title had been made to him for the said land both of whom expressed a willingness to do any thing he or she could in order to get your petitioner a good title or a deed for his land
That your petitioner had a notice prepared stating that on the day he would move the Court to have a Commissioner appointed to make him a title for said lands
He caused said notice to be sent to R. B. Reeves to his address in Denver Colorado and the same was duly returned by mail from said Reeves and notice thereof accepted which notice is filed with the papers in this proceeding
That your petitioner has been in the absolute and peaceable possession of said land since the year 1879
Whereof your petitioner pays that [page break] a commissioner be appointed by the Court to make him a deed for said land conveying all the estate therein that was vested in the said Preston B Reeves at his death and for such other and further relief as may be Just
[signed] R A Doughton
att[e?] for Petitioner
[signed] J.M. Gambill
J. M. Gambill the petitioner in the above entitled proceeding makes oath that the facts set forth in the foregoing petition are true to the best of his knowledge information and belief
Subscribed & sworn to
This Feb. 10, 1890 [signed] J.M. Gambill
[signed] R.S. Carson, C.S.C. [Clerk, Superior Court]”

(on back of above:)

“James Boyer guardian of R B Reeves and Mary Ann Reeves – Ex Parte
Petition of J. M. Gambill”

By virtue of an order directed to me from the Probate Court I will Expose to Sale on the 19th of February next in front of the Court House door in Sparta for ready money the following Evidences of debt (viz) –
1 note on Caleb Osborn $1000
1 ” ” ” ” $21.02
1 ” ” ” ” $41.00
1 note on Jefferson Osborn 7.00
1 ” ” Henderson Austin .87 1/2
1 ” ” Scarlott Darity .95
1 ” ” H. G. Stamper 1.00
1 ” ” Jesse Whitaker .25
1 ” ” Calvin Reeves 44.80
January 18th 1875 G. Mc Reeves admr [i.e. administrator] of P. B. Reeves Decd [i.e. deceased]”


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  1. I`m searching for Elijah T. Reeves from Tenn. he was in the service in Helena , Arkansas. he was married to Mary Ann Carter. I`m trying to find out if he was Native American. also looking for pictures. thanks hope to hear from you. Anita

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