Biography, Pinkney Graham of Madison County, Missouri

From R.S. Duncan, A History of the Baptists in Missouri, St. Louis: Scammel & Co., 1882, under “St. Francois Association:”

[p. 628:] “PINKNEY GRAHAM*, – one of God’s faithful servants in St. Francois Association, died at his residence in Madison County, Mo., July 3, 1877, after an illness of about eight months, which he bore with great patience and Christian resignation. His age was 64 years and 6 months.

“Brother Graham was born in Green County, Ky., January 28, 1813, His parents immigrated to Southeast Missouri when he was 13 years old, where he spent the remainder of his long and useful life, attended with great self-sacrifice for the cause of his divine Master and truth.

[p. 629:] “He professed faith in Christ and was baptized in to the fellowship of Big Creek Baptist Church in this county, when about 22 years old, of which he was the faithful, highly esteemed and beloved pastor when he was called from his labors on earth to his reward in heaven. He was a constituent member of the St. Francois Association, and from that time until his death did as much if not more than any other member of the body to advance its interests and to sustain and promote the cause for which it was organized. Bro. G. was an earnest contender for the faith once delivered to the saints. He was a faithful, plain and practical preacher of the gospel. Though deprived of early advantages, he was deeply impressed with the importance of an educated ministry. When I last visited him he spoke with great feeling upon this subject. The fact that the Baptist cause in this portion of the state is suffering so much for the want of an educated ministry, seemed to be his saddest thought.

“Although I do not think that it was ever his privilege to meet with his brethren in their state deliberations and share in their councils to extend and promote the religious and benevolent enterprises in which as a denomination we are engaged, and though the oldest minister in his association, none was more fully in sympathy with every good work in which we engage, than was our lamented Brother Graham.

“Brother G. was ordained to the Christian ministry on the second Lord’s day in October, 1857, and was constantly and successfully engaged in the pastorate from that time until his death.

“He leaves a devoted wife, five children, and many relatives and friends to mourn their loss. He was a good man, and God blessed him both spiritually and temporally, while his family do not sorrow for him as those that have no hope. He was free from the sad lot of so many of our faithful ministers in the dying hour. He sorrowed not in the sad hour of death and separation from his devoted and heart-stricken companion and children because they were helpless in this unfriendly world, without the necessaries of life. His children are all married and comfortably situated, and his aged companion comfortably located in their midst with plenty to supply all her earthly wants. May the Lord supply all her spiritual wants until he shall call her also to her heavenly home.”

* By Eld. V. T. Settle.


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