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Milly Ann Hash, Eastern Cherokee Application

From Eastern Cherokee Application of Milly Ann (Young) Hash, 7 Jan 1907:

  • Name: Milly Ann Hash
  • Birth: Grayson County, Virginia
  • Residence: Major, Grayson County, Virginia
  • Right to claim: “Ned Sizemore”
  • Spouse: Harvy Hash, age 60
  • Father: William Young, born Grayson County, Virginia, resided 1851 Grayson County, died Sep 1902
  • Mother: Catharine Hash, born Grayson County, Virginia, resided 1851 Grayson County, died 12 Aug 1887
  • Whether they were enrolled: “190[3?] for money.”
  • Siblings: Ezekiel Young, John Young, Floyd Young, Thomas J. Young, Alex Young
  • Grandparents on father’s side: Robert Hash
  • Grandparents on mother’s side: Marja Hash
  • Where they were born: “Ash” [sic; Ashe] County, North Carolina
  • Where they resided in 1851: Grayson County, Virginia
  • Names of their children: Mary Ann Hash, Ruthy Hash, Jane Hash, Nelly Nash, Betsy Hash, Beckey Hash, Sally Hash, Catharine Hash, “not Known though dead,” James Hash, Jno. Hash, “deead” [sic]
  • Whether application was enrolled: “In 1904 for money.”
  • Ancestry back to 1835: [blank]
  • Remarks: “my great Grand mother on my mothers side was a daughter of Ned Sizemore”
  • Signed: Milly Ann Hash, 7 Jan 1907
  • Witnesses: Henry Haga, Linville S. [or A.?] Anderson